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Collaboration With The Country's Largest Advisers

Over the past four decades, Taklad Group through its scientific knowledge, practical expertise and technical and commercial facilities has been involved in a variety of significant infrastructure

Five Principals

Working closely with consultant engineers, helping them to design , the most efficient and optimized system in accordance to the world recognized standards is considered as one of the Taklad Co. key responsibilities.

Introduction & History

Success defined in many ways; prosperity, stability, market share and clients’ trust… However, we at Taklad Group believe success is the quality of service, product and advanced solutions offered to our clients.

Subsidiary Companies

  • Taklad Fire Taklad Fire
  • Taklad Control Taklad Control
  • Taklad Service Taklad Service
  • Taklad Consultant Taklad Consultant

Consultation, Design, Procurement, Infrastructure execution, Installation and Operation training of Systems included:

  1.  Automatic fire detection systems
    • Intelligent addressable fire alarm system
    • Laser smart fire alarm (High Stativity Smoke Detector HSSD)
    • Air sampling fire alarm (Aspirating Smoke Detection-ASD)
    • Cable fire alarm (Linear Heat Detection- LHD)
    • Graphic package of fire alarm systems
  1.  Automatic fire suppression systems
    • Automatic water fire extinguishing (Sprinkler System)
    • Watemist System
    • Gas fire extinguishing (FM200, Novec, Inert Gas, …)
    • Local firefighting for special spaces such as racks (FireTrace)
    • Manual firefighting (Fire Box)
  1.  Emergency Voice Communication system (EVCS)
    • Emergency voice communication fire fighter
    • Emergency communication for the disabled

Consultation and infrastructure design for:
Advanced access control management systems
Advanced hotel management systems
Parking management systems
Taklad Group have taken important steps in providing solutions for industrial, commercial, residential and medical sectors through its unparalleled expertise, offering the latest technologies and, representing world’s leading manufacturers in this field.
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Service, maintenance and after-sales services of TakLad Fire and Taklad Control companies, including all fire alarm, extinguishing and access control systems.

Taklad is more than a name, it is how we think. At Taklad consulting, we cover end-to-end fire and life safety solutions. We help owners, architects, insurers, brokers, contractors, authorities having jurisdiction and others solve the issues they face in the planning, construction, and the life cycle of fire and life safety systems. We have consulted and completed numerous projects in the long history of protecting the lives and property of people in active and passive fire systems.

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